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Advokat Aleksandar Jankovic

Upon graduating from the Law Faculty University of Belgrade, Jankovic performed a two-year clerkship in one of the best law offices in Jagodina at the time. He then became the head of a regional government office of The Republic of Serbia “Contact Serbia”, which operated in all of the counties across the country. His main role at the time was to establish channels of communication between all business entities, as well as concerned citizens, with The Government of the Republic of Serbia and its adequate ministries.

The office was the main driver of the initiative for private entrepreneurship for small businesses through business plan drafting and assisting with the line of credit applications, within the Agency for small and medium-sized businesses. Jankovic has been a lawyer since 2002, practicing primarily in the area of corporate law. He is a member of the Kragujevac bar association within the bar association of the Republic of Serbia.

Jankovic served as a licensed bankruptcy lawyer, and he still owns the license today. The Government of the Republic of Serbia named him the coordinator for the National Investment Plan for Pomoravlje, Podunavlje, and Branicevo administrative district. He directed project realization via on-site supervision and coordination. In the 2008 Parliamentary Election, he was elected to a 4-year term as a deputy to the National Assembly of Serbia. During all his years of practice, attorney Aleksandar Jankovic perfected his skill and expanded his team of associates, which now consists of more than 20 experts from various fields.

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Attorney Jankovic and his team of associates are actively practicing law on the territory of the Republic of Serbia, collaborating with experts from the countries in the region. The team consists of more than 20 experts and associates from various areas of business management.

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